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Remodel Restoration

``Insurance Restoration`` may be our primary line of business, but that doesn't mean we don't ``hold our own`` doing renovation and remodeling work.

If we remove the aspect of having to ‘clean up’ after a disaster before we can ever start rebuilding, then we’re doing approximately the same work.

The main difference is the excitement that gets generated with the freedom to make “new” living or utility space where once there was none. Or perhaps, change the use of a space from one type to another. Bathroom renovations, cabinetry, tile work all add value to the home.

Each of these project types offers its own unique set of challenges and issues, but in all cases, CCI relies on the homeowner to show us their dream and vision of what they’d like to see. Once the homeowner has a vision for their home, it becomes CCI’s job to call on their own expertise and bring that vision into reality.

“We take the vision of the homeowner and carefully plan these concepts with our skilled and talented team that includes remodelers and lead carpenters. As a result, we end up with very satisfied customers and we’ve added value to the house, which is important for resale.”

– Scott Copeland, Owner


Our professional team at CCI can help you with replacing your windows. They know what’s important to the customer… not only the windows, but the entire process from selection to installation. From initial contact with the client and a personal appointment to assess their needs, precise measurements are taken, options are presented, selections made and a clean and professional installation is performed.


Landscaping can add value and beauty to your home. Our landscape contractor can design/build, providing distinctive services including complete landscape renovation, installation of retaining walls and walkways, small and large stones and boulders, plants, shrubs and trees, outdoor kitchens, gas grill fire pits and much more.